Mum, I want to get in the swing.

Today I’d like to propose you a journey to our childhood bodies, remembering when our parents took us to the swings. The feeling they created when they let us know that we were going to have fun playing at the swing, how they help us climbing to the first swing they found and how they push us to the sky... remember the tickling inside your stomach. Remember your childhood, nice, isn´t it? Of course it is. Mine was the same, as good as anyone, of course.

But today I was reflecting about why, always, they chose the first one. Maybe because as soon as we saw one swing we order them to help us climbing there, to let us playing there and, maybe, we weren´t patient enough to look for other one. Maybe they were so tired after work to think wether this option was the best or not. I don´t really know. What I remember and I was reflecting today is that they didn´t create the interest to look for the swings, although nowadays I consider more interesting the trip, the adventure of looking for something, more than the knowledge of the exact position that you are looking for. Knowing that the swing is there and you can always visit it, you want make the swing to bring you out of sensation. But, instead of the swing, if you are looking for the sensation of looking for the swing, with the expectation of the wish to findin it you can live more exited. Because the trip to the swing is the same each single time you get in it. But the each trip is completely different when you are looking for one of them.

It is just the trip, the adventure of the unknown, the expectation of the unexpected, what make the journey there really exciting. So, making our children explore the horizon, searching for the swing that could appear in any second could open more doors for them, more possibilities of expanding their minds than giving them the first swing that they can watch, which could limit their imagination just so they can see, to what they can catch; showing them that what they’ve taken, they have to keep because there is no more option, there is no shown trip to have fun, to expect and enjoy until they can get in to the next swing.

I think that could be one of the main points of the selfishness, it is not that our children, or we, are selfish by nature; I think it is more, that we have been educated to keep what we have in the first place, because we don t really know what is waiting for us around the next corners, loosing the opportunity of the exciting trip to the unknown, ‘cause the unknown is not better, is not worst, is just a new world to discover.

Been educated to be brave to face the unknown is important, because we never know how many good things we can be missing.

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