THE WALL II (More Fluid Ink)

When Pink Floyd said that teachers, or the whole society, could be another brick in the wall, I think it was right; I have the same opinion. And I would like to change the essence of the education, the way we educastrate the next generations. I would not be "another brick in the wall". But, as I was explaining in the first part of the essay, although it could be a big deal, the biggest trouble is with our own minds. As our adult narrow minds don't allow us to live freely, we educate the next generation as well to live in the same way. We have to change that as teachers and educators of the next generations it, is our responsibility.

But we have to take another step before to being an educator. That step is what I refer to: the individual progress in our mind opening. Without this we cannot teach any interesting thing, we are not giving tools to guide each their own life; we are prolonging our own fakes and failures in their life because we expectations, or we are reflecting our expects, on them. So, as I was saying, we have to change our own minds before take the responsibility of other people's education.

Yes, my teachers, too, told me that I would never ever be able to write well ever in my whole life, and probably it will be as they had said. But I think they said that because they weren't able to understand my ideas, or maybe because I didn't know how to explain them. Anyway, they could never kill my suspiciously eager mind or my capacity to reflect on things that surround me. What they lost as traditional teachers, was won by me as an individual.

But, anyway, we will stop now in that step. In the "our own change" step. Nowadays, we are adults and we don't have any teacher to guide our steps, or better said: "we don't have any educastrator-teacher around us". So we can do our own walk trough our own minds, trough our own ideas, own reflectings. Thus, we can do the walk around our basis and change it.

First, I think we have to distinguish between the things they have taught us that are important for us in our life, and the things which are really basic. Actually, It is a fact that I can eat each day because I earn money as a teacher in a public school. But, it isn't essential to be "public"neither is necessary to be "a teacher". I could earn money and eat each day working in another job. To be a teacher is one thing that I like and, almost always, I enjoy, but it isn't the essence of mine, it isn't me. It is my job. But, on the other hand, we can think about friends or people who surrounds me. I talk with them, we discuss together, we reflect on each argument we hear from the other. All we do together makes me grow up as individual, it could form part of my essence. So, for me, the relationships I began, aren't important, are the same essence as I am.

But, society said us that money is the most important thing to turn us into what we are, and people supposes that they will be what they have or they can buy, because the rest of the people will evaluate as well in the same way. So, almost all people they always need more than they have. It is quite easy; "if you have more, you are more", but the other people have to compare themselfs with you and will try to have more too, so you will need more to maintain your social status. In conclusion, it can't be a good option, because you could never feel happy enough, only taking more and more, but never enough. So it can't be essential how much you have. The less you have (monetarily), or the more simple are the things you need, the less you have to worried about. Friends are another thing to be worried about, but it is another kind of worry. And if you have grow your friend relationships based on honesty and sincerity...

The second thing, I think we have to understand, is that those ideas that have grown up in our minds are social ideas come about to individuals. What I meant when I talked about the walls in our own mind, was just that: we have social ancestral ideas in our minds that we have to fight with. Because those ideas, which some of them we think that are basic, really they aren't as I was explaining in the first point. And the form is a dialogging one; talking and contrasting different ideas to show to our minds that other ways are possible and reflect about it while we are dialogging.

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