THE WALL (Fluid Ink)

There are a lot of walls in our own lives. A lot of them are built by society; but those are very easy to break down. The walls built a lot of time ago by people who lived a different reality to what recent society lives on, is easy to be broken by a new society. That is the social evolution. Those walls don't matter to me at all. Never mind what they want to show us, they are weak.

But when all those walls enter, or are built, in our own minds, and we grow up building up, as well, walls in our own minds; those walls are impregnable. Above all when those walls don't allow us to grow up free. When we are just building walls around us, because we have diferent inexplicable fears; maybe unconscious fear which we aren't able to understand or see let alone, much less, explain; that's crazy for me, because those kind of walls that govern our desires, ideas and full lifes, are strongest walls we have to fight with in our life. But they are impossible to break down without help.

Just at this point, it is necessary to talk with people around you, to know different opinions, to reflect about different points of view. And for that, the most important thing is to have heterogeneous examples and ways of life to contrast them. The more different points of view you see or hear, the more able you are to understand the walls you have built in. Much more easy to know what your fears are, your systematical negation of desires or living ways. Much more easy to understand why some people are different and feel or understand in different way the relationships, the feelings, the sex or other things which are in our own life.

All those kinds of things that society is over, those are moralized but, it is just in our minds where we are negating different things that don't do any damage to anyone else, things which don't do anything apart from not letting us grow up as individuals. So those moralistic walls built in our minds are, most of the times, the reason because we can't grow more or faster as individuals, as a society. On the other hand, I think I'm a very ethical person, I'm always reflecting about everything which or surrounds me, and I always try not to do something that could damage the rest. of the people. But I don't make doctrine, about my way of life or thinking, for the rest of people; I could say that I'm not a moralist; so I try not to permit that the morale walls be built in my mind.

Only talking with different people as peer, humbly, listening to what they have to say without moralize you, could be known the world and, only in that same way, could someone know oneself. Only with that kind of help could we be able to break down the walls that are built in our minds blinding them, not allowing us to see more farther away. That's what we could call open minded, unprejudiced person, a person without walls in his/her mind.

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Unknown dijo...

Bueno, es mi primera creación en Ingles lo que, pese a saber que tiene un montón de fallos que ya iré corrigiendo, me hace mucha ilusión :P